Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hola Familia

October 10, 2015

HOLA HOLA HOLA!!! As you probably have guessed by now, my P-Day is Saturday, YAY! 

Okay so even though I've only been here 4 days now, I already love it so much!! Lots of stuff has been happening everyday and I honestly don't remember half of what we have done (mostly because half of it has been in Spanish haha). But I'll try my best to start from the top and hopefully give you all a little insight into my crazy new life! 

Day 1 (Wednesday)- After all you lovely people kicked me to the curb here, I was immediately ushered into a million different rooms trying to collect all my stuff: room key, ID card, NAME TAGS :), and worst of all Spanish materials...literally weighs 25 lbs.

Next I got taken to my room where I quickly dropped off all my luggage and was taken to my classroom.  I met my teacher, Hermana Richards, who is awesome.  A bunch of Elders were in there but I didn't have time to talk to anyone before my teacher took me to a computer room to do some online registration-like stuff for the newbies.  Of course she was talking in Spanish only so I didn't completely understand what she was telling me to do and so I ended up doing this super long questionnaire and was in there for like an hour.  Everyone around me finished and left way quick and I was super confused how they finished that fast.  My teacher came back in to check on me because I was in there so long and realized I was doing the wrong thing and corrected me kindly.  I was so stressed and confused and just ready to cry.  

I quickly finished what I was actually supposed to be doing and then I headed back into class where I had missed all the introductions of the Elders in my class- aka my district.  We all noticed the empty seat next to me, all realizing that I still didn't have a companion.  We went through our first mini lesson in Spanish and then headed to the new missionary meeting with the MTC Presidency- still no companion for Hermana B.... :(  So I just sat with the Elders in my district and waited impatiently for my companion to walk through the door.  About halfway through the meeting, one of the senior sisters walked in with a cute little red head Hermana and I just knew she was mi compi! She sat on the row in front of us and didn't see me so I had to wait 'til after the meeting to finally meet her! Turns out she had a dental emergency an hour before she was supposed to come to the MTC so she was a couple hours late but esta bien (it’s all good) :) 

So my companion is Hermana Brown and she is incredible.  She is going to the Riverside, California mission. She's originally from West Jordan, Utah but has lived in North Carolina for the last few years.  She loves riding horses, is super creative and crafty and is also a health nut.  She is a firm believer in essential oils and eating healthy so we work well together- I eat all the junk food and she can heal me when I'm sick. ;)  But the coolest thing about Hermana Brown is that she is a cancer survivor.  She was diagnosed when she was 13 when they found a tumor on her leg.  She has undergone chemo and many surgeries so her right leg is almost entirely made of titanium... guys I'm literally companions with Iron Woman!! haha it’s okay to be jealous ;) But seriously, Hermana Brown's testimony is even stronger than her leg... which is saying a lot!  We get along great.  We try our best to help each other out with Spanish and English (haha English is already hard after only a couple days). But yeah, I definitely got blessed in the companion department.  

First pic with  Hermana Brown
Okay so back to day one... after I met my companion, we went to dinner.  We were each talking 1,000 words a minute just trying to get to know each other.  After eating we went to go grab Hna. Brown's luggage to take it to our room.  As we were walking down the hall of the main building, we saw two Elders walking towards us heading the opposite way (quite a normal sight at the MTC).  I wasn't really paying attention to them until I heard one of them gasp and say "no way..."  I looked up to see ELDER THAYER (Brady haha).  I was SO happy to see him. I immediately ran over to him and gave him a super great handshake... (gosh darn those missionary rules!)  As soon as I started talking to him the tears started flowing.  Up until that point I hadn't stopped shaking since being dropped off but once he started talking to me and helping me calm down I felt right at home.  (Side note- for those of you who don't know, Elder Thayer and I went to high school together and he's like my brother so seeing him was definitely a tender mercy- especially because he is going to Russia, so I didn’t think I'd run into him very often.) 

Other than that we have just been in the classrooms all day and teaching investigators (don't worry they aren't real, but still very scary and hard though). I really do love it here! We live in a room with a threesome of Hermanas in our zone and they are awesome too. I'll tell you more about them next week.  

I love and miss you all already!! But know I am happy here and I'm working hard. 

La Iglesia es verdadera!!

Con mucho amor, 

Hermana Bart :) 

P.S. Funny story of the week - our district leader, Elder Stockton, is from Arizona and so he thinks it is freezing here. The other day he left class and came back with a thick wool pullover cardigan - a normal thing to do when you are cold.  Then a couple seconds later I looked over at him and he was putting on huge winter gloves and a scarf!!! It was seriously hilarious. And the best part is he is going to Boise, Idaho on his mission! Poor, poor Elder.  As a result of this, our district has started calling him Elder Guantes or Elder Bufanda (Elder Gloves or Elder Scarf) :) 

P.P.S. I also saw Elder Jeppson. Yay! 

The best district in the whole MTC.... District E :)

The cute Hermanas we room with 
( Hermana Ashby, Hna. Pierce, Hna. Brown- two of them, confusing I know, Hna. Bart y Hna. Brown) 

One more pic con mi companera y the cute vacuums in our hallway by our room haha whoops!

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