Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Week Full of Miracles - ALELUYA

March 24, 2016
Hola Hola HOLA!  Buenos días familia y amigos!!
¡FELIZ SEMANA SANTA!  [Happy Holy Week]
Me...just being my awkward self with a crazy orange sky!!

Can you believe that it’s almost Easter?! Because I can't! 
Perhaps in a way similar to what this week was like for the Savior thousands of years ago, our week was full of miracles ;)
It all started with the lesson we had with Margarita (one of the three ladies we found in the street Curumalal the other week, remember her? Okay good.)  So Margarita had met the missionaries 20 years ago and had received most of the lessons, but for some reason or another lost contact with them until a few years ago when the hermanas found her again.  But once again, the timing wasn't exactly right and they lost contact until Hermana Baird and I found her name in the area book.  Margarita has a super old Book of Mormon with pictures inside and the angel Moroni on the front- it’s awesome! :)  But that's not the point here, ha-ha sorry.  So yeah, we started talking to Margarita and getting to know her and she shared an experience she had when her two sisters-in-law passed away.  She started asking us the most inspired questions about what our view is about death and as we started talking about the plan of salvation, you could tell things just started clicking and making more sense in her head. She told us that what we were saying interested her a lot and she had us come back a few days later to explain even more.  It was amazing.
As we were leaving her house, we got a call from a member with a reference of a 13 year old girl that wanted to come to church and to our ward’s youth activity night.  They asked us to pass by her house in a couple hours... umm okay!! And you'll never guess what her name is... Milagros- which literally means miracles in Spanish...WHAT?!
Then, later that day, right as we were leaving our house to go find Milagros, our favorite abuela [grandma] in all of Argentina, cute Hna. Ortiz called us and says "Hermanitas, I have a friend here in my house right now that would like a Book of Mormon, do you think you could dedicate it to her and bring it by my house before 4:30?" 
Okay - let's just pause for a second.... it's 2:45 right now and we have to walk 30 blocks to Milagros' house, and then walk (aka run) another 30 blocks in the opposite direction to Hna. Ortiz's house to meet her friend and teach her a little bit, all before 4:30.... yeah sure, okay... we can do this right? :)

I don't think I've ever power-walked so fast in my entire life!!!  Ha-ha we were at such a loss for words about what had just happened in the last few hours.  Sadly Milagros wasn't home but we had an awesome lesson with Hna. Ortiz and her friend Vanesa.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and committed her to read it and pray.  Hna. Ortiz is literally the most amazing member ever - I wish that everyone just called the missionaries when they have friends who could be potential investigators in their houses. ;)
To top it all off, a bunch of the youth in our ward have been working together to invite one of their friends named Hanna to church, and she came last Sunday! Wahoo!  They all wrote their testimonies in a Book of Mormon and gave it to her.... so yeah, she's a new investigator too.

Anyway, as you can see, we've got our hands full with lots of people to teach here in Villa Floresta.  And we had absolutely nothing to do with any of it.  That's what I love (and also what is a bit frustrating and hard at times) about missionary work.  Everything is on the Lord's time table and really is HIS work.  He blessed us with a lot of miracles this week and I feel honored to be His servant and representative to help all these people come to the knowledge that our Heavenly Father is real and that He love us.
And because He loves us, He sent His Son to live, die and live again.  Like the new Easter video from the church this year, with much awe, I say HALELUJAH every day for the fact that my Savior lives, and that through him I can find a new life and help others do the same.
Click on the link below to watch video:
Well, that's about it for this week.  Hna. Baird and I have to go to the park and hide candy for our Zone Easter Egg Hunt today. :)
Scouting out the park for our Easter Egg Hunt

Wishing you all a Happy Easter with the invitation to think about the many reasons you have to say ALELUYA cada día [HALELUJAH every day],
Hermana Bartholomew
P.S. Transfers are on Saturday and literally anything could happen, so some extra prayers would be much appreciated, thanks!  :)  LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

We are basically's fine :)

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