Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our hands are a bit full...

April 21, 2016

Hola Familia y amigos!! 

Bueno, I don't have lots of time today so I'm going to try my best to explain the craziness that was our week here in Olavarría. 

First, last Saturday we had a show de talentos (talent show for those of you who don't speak Spanish 😉) with our ward.  It was super fun!  Hna. Cardenas and I had to participate so we printed off an EFY song called "Good to be Alive" and I played the piano while we both sang.  Poor Hna. Cardenas was a bit nervous because it was in English, but she did great and we had lots of fun!  To add to the happiness of the occasion, Alicia and another investigator named Raquel came!!!  

Hermana Bart, Alicia, Raquel, Hermana Cardenas
We had 3 investigators come to the talent show!

Wahoo!  Sadly, neither of them could come to church this week but it’s all good.  They both got to meet some ward members and have a good time! 

So last week we met a family that just moved into our ward - the Familia Garcia.  The parents, Sergio and Maira, had both been investigating the church off and on over a period of 10 years. Sergio is from Uruguay but grew up in Australia, then lived a bit it Europe, Brazil and New Zealand.  Maira is from Argentina, but lived in New Zealand for most of her life where they met each other and got married.  Crazy right?!  Yeah so they both know how to speak English, Portuguese and Spanish of course. J  They like speaking English with me, but I am having the hardest time understanding them... one, because I don't speak English here ,and two, imagine listening to a Latino with an Australian accent speak English.  J  Yeah, it’s pretty hard!

Anyway, 2 years ago, Sergio decided to get baptized but Maira still didn’t feel ready for it.  Fast forward to ahora [now]... they have 3 kids, the oldest of which is about to turn 8 and wants to be baptized.  Last week, we got to know them a bit and they came to the activity and church.  This week we went their home for a family night with the whole family.  As the kids were playing and we were all talking, Maira all of a sudden says, “So what requirements do I have to meet to get baptized, and how soon can I do it?”  UMMM What?!?!  Hermana Cardenas and I were both at a loss for words!  Just a couple days earlier Maira had told us that she wasn't thinking about herself, but was more focused in her son getting baptized.  It just goes to show that everyone has their perfect timing and will accept the ordinances of the gospel when they are ready.  

So, the big news is that we have a change of plans for the 30th of April...Alicia, isn't quite ready yet, but Maira accepted the date and will be getting baptized in just 2 short weeks!!! :) Yayayaya!! 

Stay tuned next week for more crazy news because we are still working with Juan and Alicia, as well as a couple new investigators that are progressing really fast. :) 

Hope you all have a great week and remember how much I LOVE YOU!!! 

Hasta luego! 

Hermana Bartholomew 

Teaching English :)

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