Monday, July 18, 2016

Let it Snow!

July 18, 2016

Hola Familia y amigos!! 

Okay so no, sadly it still hasn't snowed here yet, and the truth is that I'm not sure if it will... but it’s FREEZING.  Holy Hannah…I have officially decided that there is no way I can ever live in a humid climate again in my life.  I miss Utah's crazy bipolar weather more than anything because it’s DRY.  The humidity sucks in the summer because you are just hot and sweaty always.  But winter is even worse because it doesn't matter how many layers you are wearing... the cold just cuts right to your bones and makes you all achy and cold and miserable.  But we love it!! ;)  In the end, it’s not that bad....only a couple more months and I’ll be sweating to death again so I might as well enjoy it, right? 

This is the look I get when it is cold and rainy outside, and she doesn't want me taking pictures of her.
#sassy :)

Good news of the week... Marcelo has a baptism date!!!  Wahoo!!!  Now, he still hasn't received a for sure answer yet, but we invited him to be baptized and he said yes.  He has committed that if he comes to know that the things we have taught him are true, he will get baptized on August 6th :)  Please please PLEASE keep him in your prayers!!  

This week we went on our little road trip to Tandil that ended up being less than 24 hours and honestly feels like a dream.  We left late Monday night, “slept” on a freezing cold tile floor, went to the church and had our zone conference, which lasted all day, and then ran to the terminal to catch our bus back to Olavarr√¨a.  Sadly, we didn't get to see anything in the city besides the view from the bus window.  But from what we saw, it was super pretty!!  Who knows, maybe one day I'll get transferred there and get to see more.

Tandil, Argentina
(This is about all we got to see of the city - from our bus ride home)

Road Trip Selfies

We also just found out that we have another fun road trip ahead of us comp and I have to go to Bahia Blanca so that she can get legal in Argentina.  Gotta love paperwork.... Super fun!  

That's about it for this week - sorry nothing too exciting happened.  But we did get to go visit our best friend Raquel this week.  I seriously love that woman so much!!  Poor thing has been sick these last couple weeks and as a result hasn't been able to attend church or go to school.  She was telling us about how hard it’s been for her but also how good this little time away from the things she loves has helped her realize just how important they are in her life.  She really helped me understand the importance of realizing the blessings that we have and taking advantage of the opportunities that we have in front of us every day. #countyourblessings okay? :)  
Well I love and miss you all and hope you have a warm summer week :)  

Con amor y anillos, 

Hermana Bartholomew 

With my buddy Elder Holmes at the Zone Conference (we arrived in the mission together)
Thumbs up for surviving our first 9 months in Argentina!

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