Monday, July 11, 2016


July 11, 2016
Hola familia!!
So this week was filled with lots of birthdays and mission milestones.  It all started last Monday when we celebrated the birthday of our first motherland, America the Beautiful; and then Thursday when I officially completed 9 months and passed the halfway mark of my mission; and then Saturday when we celebrated the birthday of our current motherland Argentina; and finally today my cute hija turned 2 months old!! 
Happy 2 Month Anniversary Card for Hna Ahlmer

9 month card from my cute hijita Hna Alhmer

I'll be honest with you, I have no clue where these last 9 months have gone because they've FLOWN by!!  It’s such a surreal feeling to finish the first half of my time here in the mission.  I'm so grateful for all that I've learned and done these last 9 months and can't wait to see what kind of adventures the next 9 have in store. :)  BRING IT ON!
On July 9th, Argentina turned 200 years old!!!  
Happy Birthday Argentina!!
To celebrate, we had a ward locro party. 
The Ward Independence Day Party
Locro, is a traditional food in Argentina that they only eat one time a year to celebrate their independence.  It’s basically a stew that has all kinds of veggies, beans and spices, along with pig.... and I'm not just talking like some yummy pork...but rather every part of a pig but the real meat.  :/  
Let's just say that my companion is super glad that we don't have to eat with the members anymore because she hated it!  Haha it really wasn't too bad and I quite enjoyed it. :)  I just didn't enjoy all the slimy and chewy pig skin I ate.  Being the good mom (and trainer) I am, after finishing my plate, I helped my hija finish hers too.  
Our first experience with locro
Let's just say that I was beyond full and my stomach wasn't all that happy with me.  But hey, we had lots of less active members make it to the activity and Marcelo came too... so it was worth the stomach ache.  :)  Needless to say, we aren't all too LOCO for LOCRO.
Sadly, Marcelo wasn't feeling good on Sunday (might have been the locro!) so he didn't make it to church, but he loved the activity and wants to keep learning more and more.  Juan y Alejandra haven't been home all week so that wasn't too fun but it’s all good.  We've got lots of people with lots of potential and I'll keep you updated within the next few weeks about what happens.

Gabriella, one of the sweet less-active church members who came to the locro party

This week, during studies, Hermana Ahlmer said "I just love Preach My Gospel!  It’s like a guidebook for life in general, and a survival guide for missionaries."  So true.  The leaders of the church have invited everyone to have their own copy of this great manual and read and study it.  I too love that book so much and know that as we read and study what it says, we can learn more about our Heavenly Father, his plan of salvation and happiness for his children, and know how to be better people in general.  So... if you don't have a copy, go get one, read it, and let me know how much you love it too! :) 
Tonight, we are taking a road trip to a neighboring city called Tandil to have a zone conference with President Cifuentes tomorrow.  So be looking forward to pics of our adventure next week. :)

I love and miss you lots and hope you have a great week!!
Con amor y jamòn (haha sorry we ate more empandas de jamòn y queso hoy and they were super rico...),

Hermana Bartholomew

For our ward activity, we had a cake competition and we made a cake!
But as I was trying to take it out of the pan and put it in a tupper,
I dropped it..... :( hahaha I have the worst luck ever!!! 

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