Monday, September 19, 2016

Es Latina!

September 19, 2016

Hola familia y amigos!!  Como estan??!!
Well...I’m once again writing from good old Olavarrìa. :) All the members and investigators have started joking around with me that I should just become a citizen of Olavarrìa now since I’ve already been here for so long. ;)  We'll tempting as it is, nah, I love Draper too much!!!
It's actually been a super long week though!!  I spent p-day last week in Bahia with a trio of missionaries and was actually able to meet up with my first child, Hna Ahlmer to go get some hot coco in el centro because the weather has decided to be cold and rainy again!  
Hot coco in our favorite Bahia cafe

Look who I ran into last p-day
It hadn't even been a whole day since I last saw her, but I missed her lots igual. ;)
Wednesday morning, I headed to the mission office and went through the same nerve racking process and orientation as last time (just 3 short months ago) to find out who my next hija is!  There were 4 new Hermanas that came to the mission - 3 Latinas - one each from Chile, Peru and Brazil, and 1 fellow Utahan.  
Well, long story short, my hija is Hna Quenta (it’s pronounced “kenta”) from PERU!!!!!  Ahhhh a Latina!!!!!  
Meet Hermana Quenta!
Hija #2
Wait...didn't I just take this same picture yesterday with Hna Ahlmer? :)
Super super crazy and exciting!!  She's from a small city called Tacna in the south of Peru, lives with her mom, and is 19 (so young ;) ) .  So far, she's doing really well with the language and is doing well teaching the Argentines. ;)  Haha, jk but let's be real, I’m grateful to not have to teach Spanish again...(the reality is that Hermana Ahlmer was learning super fast and I really didn’t do much anyway).
By the time we got back from Bahia, it was Thursday and we just went and visited all the people we could before Sunday.  We've got our hands more than full and are hoping and praying that the investigators we have can progress towards baptism!!  
I'm the lone Yankee Hermana in Olavarria
LtoR: Hna Quenta (Peru), Hermana Gonzalez (Panama), Hermana Niz (Argentina)

Sleepover with the Hermanas from Azul :)
In one of our missionary handbooks, there’s a quote that says, "You have a front row seat to the greatest miracle of all: the effect of Christ's Atonement on individuals and families."  I want nothing more than for these people that I have known and loved for the last 6 months to experience the joy and peace that can only be found through accepting Christ and His atonement in our lives.  I hope you all have a great week and remember the importance the gospel of Jesus Christ has in your life and that you can share that love with others!!
Con amor y mucho arroz (my comp eats nothing else),

Hermana Bartholomew  

My mission mom...;)

Hermana Quenta with President & Hna Cifuentes

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