Friday, September 16, 2016

I've still got work to do!

September 13, 2016

Hola Familia y amigos,

Well, this chilly and windy afternoon I’m writing you all from Bahia Blanca.  

Traveling solo to Bahia Blanca
BUT it’s not what you're thinking…I didn't get transferred here.  I'm still serving in Olavarría and I'M GOING TO TRAIN AGAIN!!!!! AHHH!!! HIJA #2!!! Say what?!?!  

I never thought I'd have to make another one of these so soon!

That being said, you've probably guessed that my primera hija nacida en el desierto se fue [my first daughter born in the desert has gone]!!! :( (Hna Ahlmer got transferred).  But wait, it gets crazier.  You'll never guess where she got transferred.... yep, VILLA FLORESTA!!! My first area in the mission!!!  So yeah, it’s been a crazy transfer weekend to say the least!! 

When your child is all grown up and leaves the nest...
Helping Hermana Ahlmer pack...NOT COOL!

...these aren't my clothes :(
Goodbyes at 2:30 AM aren't as fun as they look ;(

Before the transfers happened, this week was super great!  We really found and taught a lot of great new people and had two new investigators come to church on Sunday so that was awesome!! It was nuts because I was literally saying goodbye to everyone and writing thank you notes to the whole ward, preparing myself to be transferred but now I guess I’ll just be more prepared for when I really leave, IF I ever actually leave Olavarría! ;) 

Okay so here's a little info about some new investigators we have;

Karina- she's a friend of some members and is recently going through a divorce and life is a bit crazy.  She's been really open to what we have taught her so far and I'm excited to see where things go.  She came to church on Sunday and really liked it! 

Barbara – she's jovencita [very young]!!  She’s only 17.  We knocked on her door a couple weeks ago and when we returned, she had read the folleto [pamphlet] we left her about the restoration of Christ’s Church and had some questions so she went to the internet to find some answers... yikes!!  Let’s just say that she found lots of lies and misinformation, but luckily she didn't accept them as truth until after she had a chance to talk to us again. :)  We taught her lesson 1 and it all just made sense to her…she really liked it all.  At the end of our lesson, Hna Ahlmer said the prayer and afterward Barbara said that she likes how we pray as if we are really talking to our Heavenly Father.  ES DE ORO!!  [She is golden!!]  Barbara couldn’t make it to church on Sunday but next week we'll get her there! 

Laura (Hilda's granddaughter I told you about a couple weeks ago) came to church too on Sunday!!!!!  Poco a poco!!  [Little by little]  Laura has really opened up to us a lot over these last few weeks and I’m really hoping and praying that she'll keep coming and want to join the church!! 

Well, as I’m sitting here in Bahia waiting to meet my new companion, I'm excited but a bit nervous to train again!  Hopefully my child will be Latina this time so I can have una hija yankee y una latina [an American daughter and a Latin daughter]. :)   After that I'm calling it good ;)  Two kids is enough!!  Haha! 

Chillin in Bahia with my hermanas
We are were all trained by Hermana Palma -  haha so fun!
Once again...I'm a middle child ;)
I have such a strong testimony that our Heavenly Father puts us WHERE we need to be with WHO weed need be with. Not only in the mission but in life.  I'm excited to see what it is that I still need to learn from my new companion and all the people in Olavarría. :) 

Hope you are all doing well!  Never forget how much I love you all and that you are always in my thoughts and prayers!  

Con mucho amor y hijas, 

Hermana Bartholomew 

Here are some other pictures from this last week...

Hermana Laplace - a less-active member here that reminds me of Grandma Barbs :)

Last P-day we took a field trip with our zone to the zoo:
P-Day at the Zooooooo!
Some strange animals...oh, and some llamas ;)
Self-timer problems...
...good enough ;)
Reptile Girl
eww...I HATE snakes, but my hija dared me to do it ;)
Sad donkey...
Zona Olavarria (menos las otras hermanas)

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