Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two Patricias

September 27, 2016

Hollaaa Familia y Amigos!! Còmo estàn?! 

Hope you've had a great week!  Life is good in Olavarria.  Summer is coming in quick but this week it’s SPRING and the weather is perfect!!  Today we took advantage of the beautiful weather and took my child for a picnic in the park. :)

Spring is here!!!

Jamon y queso
Giant Pineapple Trees :)
Hna Quenta's first time down the slide - I'm such a proud mom! :)

So I’ve got a funny story for you this week (well I thought it was funny at least...) 

One morning, my companion and I were out contacting people and we had been talking about how we need to talk to the people we pass on the street more and knock doors less.  Sooo... as we were walking to one of our investigators houses, a lady was walking towards us and SHE stopped to say hi to us!! Haha okay...so her name was Patricia and the poor lady has a rough life and is going through some hard things right now. But she was so nice and genuine and happy to meet us and told us we were angels to her…awww :) 

After talking to Patricia and setting up an appointment to go teach her later, we kept contacting and talked to another lady outside her store with her two little girls and you'll never guess what her name was... yep, PATRICIA! :)  Super crazy coincidence (you guys should have just seen me sitting here trying to remember that word and then how to spell it.  Now with Hermana Quenta as my companion, I haven’t spoke English in SO LONG.). 

So yeah, it was crazy in the moment to talk to and meet two Patricias in one morning.  But, the best part was that night when I was writing in my journal, I remembered a part in one of my favorite movies, "Letters to Juliet" where Charlie says, "there are TWO Patricias" and I cracked myself up laughing.  Then I had to attempt to explain it all to my companion and she didn’t get it... and most of you probably won’t get it either!  :)  Sorry but just know that I found it hilarious and so will my little sis Hailey, :) who by the way is almost 16 years old!!! Ahhhh stop growing up!!! But have a Happy (early) birthday okay?! :) 

Well folks, I hope you are all as excited as I am for General Conference this next weekend!!  It’s a little crazy because last General Conference I was in Olavarría too!!! :) At this rate,  I’m going to finish my mission here!! 

I was reading one of my favorite talks this week by President Uchtdorf from last October’s conference and wanted to share two quotes with you all. 

"There is nothing good unless you do it." 

"As we increase in faith we must also increase in faithfulness." 

With that in mind, I hope you all are faithful this weekend and take advantage of every session of conference to listen to our leaders, especially our dear prophet.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have that we are led today by a living prophet that receives revelation from God.  


Con amor y calor, 

Hermana Bartholomew 

Sharing frosting from yankeelandia with my favorite Latinas 

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