Monday, December 19, 2016


December 19, 2016


Okay, so I might be just a little excited because IT'S CHRISTMAS WEEK!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I can't believe I get to talk to the fam bam in like 6 days. Wasn't it just Mother's Day??  And what’s even weirder is that this is my last skype call home in the mission..... 😢   Where has the time flown?? 

This week the weather was super hot and then super cold and then super rainy and windy.  Let’s just say that Mar del Plata, by far, has the most bipolar weather EVER.  

When you are walking through the streets during siesta time, and it's like 100 degrees outside...
you've just gotta buy watermelon! ;)

Also, we are right near the port soooo... it smells like fish all day every day…but not just rotten that’s super fun!! 

Last week for P-day we went with the other missionaries in our district to la Plaza San Martin in the center of town.  There is a street named Bartolomé Mitre that runs right through the plaza (a sure sign that I was meant to be here), along with a beautiful Catholic cathedral.  We found a way good panini place for lunch… and they also had frozen yogurt – the first I’d had in 14 months…super yummy! 😋🍦

District P-day in the plaza
El Catedral de Mar del Plata
Paninis and fro-yo...superrrrr yummyyyy
There was a big Argentina flag behind us...but I suck at selfies and cut it out of the picture
Can you tell that it was a bit windy?? ;)

This week we taught Gloria (who is the daughter of a recent convert from another ward here in Mar del Plata) and she was able to open up more to us during the lesson.  The best part of all is that she CAME TO CHURCH on Sunday!!! Wahoo!!!  Please keep her and Flavia & Claudio in your prayers.  This area is super great!  Lots of potential... just gotta get the ward members to work more with us.  Nothing that lots of love and patience....and maybe some banana bread can’t fix. ;) 

Barrio Puerto Christmas Dinner
That's A LOT of chicken...

Well, I just want to wish you all a super FELIZ NAVIDAD!!  Even though I'm on the other side of the world where it's either super hot or super windy and rainy... I still can feel the spirit of Christmas with these crazy Argentines.  ;) 

In Isaiah 9:6, it says, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

I hope during this Christmas season that we can all remember the true importance of what we are celebrating and take the time to think of the little boy that was born in a manger and the difference he has made on each of our lives.   He truly is the way, the truth and the LIFE…and HE lights the world!! 

Have yourself a merry little Christmas my family and friends,

Con amor y mantecol (a super yummy classic Argentine Christmas treat), 

Hermana Bartholomew 

I look like a 5 year old...and I am now banned from using knives.
(Don't worry...I'm fine! ;))

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