Sunday, October 16, 2016

Referencias de ORO!!

October 11, 2016
Hola Familia!!!
Well another week has passed by here in Olavarrìa and I've completed another month in the mission... which makes my count 1 YEAR!!!!!!  I know I say this a lot, but I really don’t know where the time has gone.  IT'S FLYING BY!!  ;)  I don't want it to we're just not going to talk about it, okay?  Okay.  Just gonna keep having fun, working hard and eating ice cream. :)
The absolute best way to celebrate 1 year in the mission!!!!
Where has the time gone...I'm officially OLD!
A one year mission anniversary gift from my cute companion
(it's a hymn book case)
So remember the guy "Chavo" from last week?  Well, his real name is Maximiliano.  He's doing well.  Didn't make it to church this week though... :(   We're going to keep doing all we can to help him make it to his baptism date.
BUT, we also have a new family that might be getting baptized the 23rd too!!!  So it all started last Tuesday when a member from another ward in our stake called us to give us a referral.  She set up an appointment to go with us that night and we met the GOLDEN family of a single mom named Claudia who has three kids- Yael (pronounced shaiel) who is 17yrs old, Lumina who is 15 yrs old, and 10 year old Francisco.  The member, Hna Mussi has been a friend with Claudia and a great example to them for many years.  As a result, they are so prepared and ready to hear and accept the gospel of Jesus Christ!!
Claudia told us that she's been feeling like a big change was going to happen in their lives and loved everything we taught her.  We've been able to visit her many times this last week and got her to come to church with Yael and Francisco.  They really enjoyed it and the three of them have decided they want to get baptized!!  When we invited them to prepare for the 23rd, they were a little hesitant but said they would pray to know if they should get baptized that day.  We immediately made a strong connection with their family.  Claudia has basically already adopted us, and Francisco...oh he's just like my little Argentine brother! ;)
So yeah, we are pretty excited and happy little hermanas, and all because of these great REFERRALS that we are getting from members here in our ward. 
This week, I watched a new video the church has made about the Plan of Salvation with graphics.  IT’S SO GREAT and so cute!!  If you haven’t seen it, WATCH IT NOW. But don't only watch it.... SHARE IT!!!  I loved in Elder Oaks talk at conference when he talked about all the possibilities and tools we have with internet and social media to share the gospel and then asked if we are taking advantage of all the tool we have.  Let us all follow the counsel of an apostle of the Savior and SHARE this video!!
Love and miss you all and hope you have a great week!
Con amor y pantalones,
Hermana Bartholomew
P.S. Oh, because of the risk of Zika virus, we have to start wearing pants in 2 weeks... I’m going to die of heat this summer. #helpme

More pics from last week:

The crazy Hermanas of zona Olavarria
Sleepover for zone meetings last week
Someone was tired after all of our meetings

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