Monday, October 24, 2016

Unexpected Changes

October 24, 2016
Hola familia y amigos!!
Well, this week was NUTS.  We were so, soooo busy everyday getting everything ready for the chapel open house!!  I’m happy to report that it turned out so great!!!  Wahoo!!!  I sent a million fotos for your viewing pleasure.  We basically spent all week inviting everyone to the activity (on Saturday) and then spent the entire day Saturday setting things up in the church.
The big banner outside the church to invite the gente!
Come and See
Open Chapel
Saturday, October 22
All are invited to Come unto Christ
From 5 to 8 PM
Christus statue banner
Inside the chapel

Banners explaining different aspects of church doctrine set up in the cultural hall
God's Plan of Happiness
Jesus Christ
Our Savior
The Great Apostasy
Joseph Smith
A Prophet of God
The Book of Mormon
Modern-day Prophets
All the members came and set up little stands with info about every auxiliary organization (Young Men, Young Women, Primary, Relief Society) in their rooms and it was very impressive.  The entire activity required a LOT of work and prep from both the full-time missionaries and the members in the entire stake, but it turned out great and was so worth it!!  
We had the font filled and were ready to baptize anyone that wanted ;) hahaha
Our First Covenant
The Gift of the Holy Ghost
We ended up meeting lots of new people who are interested in investigating the church.  I'll keep you updated as we follow up and teach them this week. :)
Bueno, other than that nothing else super exciting happened this week. 
Oh wait, I forgot about TRANSFERS.  Well, Sunday night at 10pm we got the long anticipated call and were SHOCKED to find out that I'M STAYING IN OLAVARRIA 1 MORE TRANSFER!!!!  J  I honestly can't believe it.  I've already been here for 5 transfers (7 ½ months), and by the time I finally leave, I will have spent almost exactly HALF of my mission here.  
Oh, also, President has called me to be a Hermana Training Leader too.  Basically the Hermana version of a Zone or District Leader - but with lots less responsibility. ;)  I will just have to call and help the hermanas in my zone and go to the mission office in Bahia Blanca every other month for meetings.  Wahoo!  J
Not what you were expecting right??  Yeah, me either.  But, I know that there is a reason that I’m still here.  I'm excited to finish the training of Hermana Quenta, and do what I can to help the people here come closer to Jesus Christ.  :)

Another 6 weeks with my beautiful 2nd child Hna Quenta
She won't have a step-mom afterall!

Well, I hope you all have a great week and keep sharing His gospel every chance you get!!!
Con amor y manteca de maní,
Hermana Bartholomew 

Birthday package (a month or two late) ;)
I have the world's best mission step-mom :)

Obsessed with Peanut Butter
Thanks Hna (Jenny) Baird!!!!!
The ultimate selfie - from the mirror above the baptismal font

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