Wednesday, March 1, 2017

6 Weeks...

March 27, 2017

Hola Familia y Amigos!

Another crazy week has come and gone crazy fast!

So sad news of the week - we got transfer calls last night and my comp is leaving me :(.  But she got called to be one of the missionaries in charge of the chapel open houses throughout the mission!  So we'll get to see her lots in Mar del Plata in the next few months.

So here I am, about to start my last transfer... I feel like Troy Bolton from High School Musical - "6 weeks, 6 weeks, 6 weeks left gotta get game on!"  Hahaha.  Seriously where has the time gone?!  Stay tuned next to see who my next (and last) :( companion will be... Yankee o Latina? :) 

Well things are going well here in Puerto.  Flavia & Claudio are well... Just figuring out paperwork to get married still. They are so ready!  I just hope I'm still here when they can finally get baptized. 

Hna Davidson saying goodbye to Flavia

  Gloria got a calling this Sunday!  She's going to be a nursery teacher. :)  She loves little kids so she's very excited.


A couple months ago, we met Familia Paredes.  Analia, Johnny and their little 4 year old son Gabriel (aka my boyfriend…he loves us!).  So they are from Bolivia but have lived in Argentina for the last 10 years!  Analia was raised in the church but has been inactive for many years.  Johnny was baptized when he was a boy because his uncle told him he would buy him a toy if he he did, but he never went to church again.  He was actually raised Catholic but hasn't been active in either church his whole life.  Until now.  These last 2 months they have been coming to church because they have felt the need to strengthen their faith and become closer to God.  They are such good people, so funny and so loving! 

The ward leaders here sent a request to church headquarters looking for Johnny’s church records and they couldn't find anything.  In the church, if there aren't any records/photos/evidence of your baptism, you have to get re-baptized.  But it’s not as easy as just dunking him in the water again.  Because he was raised Catholic, Johnny has many questions and doubts about the church.  But, he is so open and ready to listen to us and really wants to learn and then decide for himself if this is what he wants to do.  I'm so grateful and happy for this chance to work with Johnny and his family and help him make the important decision to be baptized.  Please keep him in your prayers so that he can feel the spirit and receive an answer that this is the truth!  

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!  I'm not going to say I miss you because I'll be home in no time and it will just make it go by even faster. :(

Love you all so much!

The church is true and I'm ready to finish strong and give these last 6 weeks all I've got!

Con amor y mucha homedad (humidity),

Hermana Bartholomew

P.S. Funny story – some young women in our ward have decided that I need to wear more makeup so they literally hunt me down at church and take me into the bathroom for a makeover.  If you know me, you know how much I love pink lip stick and how much fun I'm having!  haha J

Do you like my hair and lipstick? :)

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