Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Las Elderas

October 31, 2016
Hola Familia y Amigos!!!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! I hope you are enjoying my (least) favorite holiday without me.  Let’s be honest, I only support Halloween for the candy and pumpkin flavored stuff.  :)  But even though it’s not my favorite holiday (like at all), I do kind of miss it... The Argentines haven't got on the Halloween train yet, but give it a couple years and I'm sure they'll start baking everything with pumpkin this time of year and actually wear the very few costumes that they are selling in their stores. ;)   
That being said, I hope you enjoy the photos of the genius costumes my companion and I threw together today.  
We decided to real creative and be ELDERAS for Halloween.
Oh wait...those are our real pants that we have to wear now that warmer weather (and mosquitoes) are here.
Showing our muscles from lifting all those "Books of Mormon" ;)
jaja - I want to watch The Best Two Years!!!!

I'm a man!
Just know that we didn't have to try that hard because those pants in the pictures are what we have to wear everyday now to go out proselyting. Yay for mosquitos and having to die of heat during summer to protect yourself!!  Luckily, it hasn’t been too hot here yet, in fact it has just rained all week.  So you can now refer to my companion and me as "elderas" instead of hermanas if you feel so obliged. 
Well this week was a bit crazy because we had two road trips and I got sick AGAIN.  I seriously have the worst luck. :)  I had my first big kid meeting in Bahia Blanca with the other Hermana Entrenadoras in President’s house on Friday. 
At the mission home in Bahia Blanca with the other Hermana Training Leaders

We left Thursday evening and returned on Friday evening.  After getting home to Olavarria way past our bed time, we had to wake up the next morning and get ready to head to Azul for the entire day to be with the missionaries in that town for the chapel open house there.  
With the Hermanas from Azul and the Hermanas in charge of the capillas abiertas [Open Houses]

Explaining the gospel to people in Azul with Hermana Quenta

With my favorite Hermanas
With the 6 hour bus rides to and from Bahia and the hour to and from Azul, I slept probably a total of 3 hours and was just bored out of my mind the rest of the time.  
The bus ride to Bahia

On the way back home

The bus ride to Azul

The Argentine countryside between Olavarria and Azul
You can clearly see that my child wasn't paying much attention to me on this bus ride...
...and I was pretty bored. :)
To add to it, I wasn’t feeling well, so I just drank Sprite and had lots of random conversations with myself in my head.... super fun right?? J Whatchu gonna do?
With all that craziness I don't have a ton of updates on the investigators.  Although, Alberto y Angelica have their wedding date set!!!!  They are tying the knot on December 26th!!!!!  Which means, in December Angelica will getting baptized too!! :)  I'm so beyond happy and excited for them! 
Claudia and her family haven't made it back to church and really aren't seeing the urgency and importance of the gospel in their lives right now.  We aren't giving up though!!  We have another lesson with them tonight and one of the members will be with us, so we'll see what we can do.  Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. 
Well, sorry to overwhelm you with so many photos.  Hope you all have a great week!! Keep on keeping on and trick-or-treat your hearts out tonight for me. ;)
So blessed to have a Walmart here in Olavarria to pull through for me with (one of)
my favorite candy on Halloween

Con amor y dulces,
Hermana Bartholomew

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